NOT your normal web hosting company!

What We Do

We get you to rank on the first page of major search engines for search terms relevant to your success and getting more qualified traffic to your website. We help you to grow your online business and engage your visitors so more of them convert to customers.

What We Are

Adtastic Hosting is a full service website design, website hosting and Internet marketing company operated by professional Internet marketers. Officially in business since 1998 we were one of the first!

What We Are Not

We are not a company that simply sells you web hosting services and then leaves you to figure it all out on your own. We are not a company with huge fees making it impossible for small businesses and individuals to afford our services.
We Make Beautiful Websites and Help You Grow Your Business

We make it simple - we make it affordable

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Our Most Popular Services At A Glance

Website Hosting and Website Design

We provide quality website design and website maintenance services and secure, cost effective website hosting, including the best prices on high quality dedicated and virtual dedicate web servers. We offer PCI Compliant Ecommerce hosting and low cost shopping cart customization and installation services. We also have the best online website builder program on the market where you can easily build your own professional quality website without any technical knowledge required.

Internet Marketing-Search Engine Optimization

Our specialization is helping you succeed. Over 20 years experience providing quality search engine marketing, website search engine optimization, web analytics and conversion growth, and social web marketing services. Our rates are generally much lower than the industry standards and our services are results driven. Our business was built helping our customers make more money online and we can help you too.

Text Message Marketing- Social Marketing

Text message marketing is the lowest cost and most effective form of retail marketing today. With us, it is even less expensive and for more services than any other company offers. That's because we own the system and are dedicated to providing you with the best text message marketing software product at the lowest possible cost. If you are in the retail, real estate or service business and not using this text message marketing program you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to grow your business with a revolutionary low cost marketing program.

Affordable Shopping Cart Solutions

Compare our online eCommerce shopping cart solution and there is no comparison. Low monthly hosting fee, low installation, setup and customization (Starting at an all inclusive flat rate of $395), no per transaction fees, and no software or upgrade fees. PCI Compliant Shopping Cart means much less risk from potential security issues than many other carts. Most of our shopping cart clients earn all of their income online and we've helped them grow and succeed with their internet eCommerce business. Call us at 1-866-622-5710 for a free consultation and see how we can help you succeed online too.


We've been in business since 1998.
The majority of our clients are referred to us from our existing clients because we’re that good.
We support each client individually and assign a CIW certified webmaster professional to handle your account directly.  
(CIW Certification is the highest standard in the industry and few webmasters have obtained this recognition)
We don't just "host" your website, we help you make your website successful by using all of the tools
and expertise the majors use only we are much more affordable.

The Art and Science of Internet Success

To be successful on the Internet you need more than just a domain name and a website.

Internet success is both an art and a science.

1. You need a “host” to serve your website to the public  –  aka “website hosting” (Not all web hosting is alike and cheapest is not always best)

2. You need web analytics to collect data and the ability to properly analyze, understand and react to the data – like having a two-way mirror into your website traffic

3. You need to understand search engine marketing and  website search engine optimization techniques – if you are not in the major search engines at or near the top, you might as well be invisible

4. You need to understand proper website design flow as it relates to your visitors response. A website is like a river, it must be in constant motion or it will stagnate and die.

This is a “Responsive” website!
What does that mean?
This website is using the most modern code (HTML5 and CSS3).
It is totally responsive regardless of the screen size all the way down to mobile phones.
It automatically responds to the screen size and adapts the layout accordingly!
That means it will align and layout beautifully in any modern web browser or device.
It also means there is no need for a separate, mobile website.
As such, that is the state of the art in modern web design.
If your website is not a responsive design, talk to us.
We can develop a responsive website for you for much less than you might think- we've got it down to a science.
Of course, this website is a constant work in progress!